Grain Storage Silos

Bulk on-farm storage requires quality products designed to last.

Agribin supplies a range of silos designed & engineered to store your grain for years.

Our 1,000 - 2,000 tonne capacity, flat-bottom silos are available in Central NSW - more details can be found below.

Product Sizes

Model #Diameter (m)Eave Height (m)Overall Height (m)Cubic Metres*Wheat Capacity in Tonnes**Auger Length (feet)

*Cubic Metres is total air capacity inside silo.
**Based on a density of 810kg.m³ and a grain peak of 28°

Unique ventilated roof & wall connection to allow for sufficient air circulation to help prevent condensation

Each wall sheet is modular and consistent in size and easily replaced

Access doors are full sized (1600mm high x 750mm wide) and hinged to allow easy entry

The roof is pressed from fully galvanised .75mm material for maximum life

External ladders are supplied as standard with safety cages and platforms available upon request. (Recommended on silos over 6M high)

The wall sheets are corrugated and curved to maximise material strength using differing thicknesses of material

A special feature is the large inspection deflector within the door allowing auger extraction in emergencies


Remote Opening Lid

8" Hydraulic Sweep Auger

11" Underfloor and Outload Auger

Large Walk-in Doorways

External Ladder and Safety Cage


Supply & Install Foundation and Concrete Base (Generic Engineered Design provided)

Sight Glasses / Grain Gauges

Delivery & Installation


Silos are not gas sealed

Cone Bottom Silos

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