About Us

The sturdy, built to last, design of the Field Bin is carried down from the renowned Grain Commander mobile auger. Manufactured by Commander Ag-Quip  in Western Australian since 1984, now made by Agribin in Eastern Australia for more than 2 years.

Agribin Team

With a massive quality controlled manufacturing space, a team of over 20 people, and several of years of combined experience in the farming & steel manufacturing industry, Agribin can provide quick delivery, and extensive product and industry expertise.

Agribin field bins & silos are are all backed by continuous research and development and are manufactured out of first grade raw materials to ISO9001 quality standards. Backed by a large transport distribution network, Agribin can dispatch & install field bins & silos through the eastern seaboard of Australia.

From small temporary on-field storage to large permanent silos, Agribin has the entire farm storage of grain covered. With close to 1,000 bins tried & proven, Agribin are finding the Agribin is well received by farmers, with many of them commenting that the Agribin is safer, faster & has more value than any other bins. Whether you need to store grain while you harvest, or MAP while your spreading – Agribin has got you covered!

The Agribin factory is centrally located in Cowra in the Central West of NSW. With a team of experts and increased production capacity, Agribin is providing on-field storage solutions for more farmers everyday.

Call us today 1800 743 583 with any need or speak to your nearest Elders for more information.

Agribin Australia